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Nutrition types



You can all see and experience different we are and how differently we react to the same diet. Even within a family, some will gain fat from the regular diet, while some remains thin.


Just as our height, the colour of our skin, our eyes, our hair, our mentality, our reactions, our metabolic characteristics are different.


Our metabolism is an incredibly complex, fine-tuned machine that incorporates the complex functioning of our nervous system, digestive system and our hormones. It all works differently, responds to something else, needs something else.


We differentiate them as the so-called metabolic types.


When defining the type, we start with the following properties:


- Nervous system


- Burning rate of cells


- Hormonal features



No, we do not have to take blood for that alone. These factors are determined by a long, special Questionnaire, photos and nutrition diary that I have compiled.


If we took it apart, we could realise that in fact, because of the hormonal variations, the difference in the blood type and the individual characteristics, we can actually distinguish more than 100 types of metabolism. Of course, we do not do so, it would not be reasonable, we stay at the basics, which means that:


There are 3 types regarding the nervous system, six have been defined by the burning rate of the cells, and there are 4 different blood types, and the other 4 main types of hormones may be mixed in any form due to the dual dominance.


The father of Metabolic typing is the American William L. Wolcott, but in fact, for thousands of years, there have been some recognitions of how different people respond to the same food.


This method is not a slimming diet!


There have been a lot of nutrition trends in the world, so it is very easy to eat against our metabolic type, because one has been working for a colleague, or we have read it or seen on TV that THIS is the number one method.


These attempts finally get out of the delicate balance and the slow (or fast) destruction of the metabolism begins. Weight gaining is just one symptom.


It may seem that this is our biggest problem, but it is not. The biggest problem is playing with our health, playing with the flexibility of our metabolism, which can give up all of a sudden. After having tried more or less bad, slimming diets.




I have put together 2 options:


Get the test in the top menu bar thoroughly and thoughtfully and get your results right away. From this you can order an E-book. This is AUTOMATIC, no Advisor touches it, since the Test result depends on your answer. 

You can also select and order your Customised Recommendation under the Recommendation, Prices menu in the top menu bar. This is more accurate, it is a material written for you by your Advisor, but you have to wait for it because we're on the calendar.

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