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Scientific background

They are the researchers, many of them still alive:


1919: Dr. Frances Pottenger mentions in his book "Symptoms of Visceral Disease". Impact of raw materials on the balance of the autonomic nervous system.

1930s: Dr. Weston Price concludes in his book "Nutrition And Physical Degeneration" that orientation to the diet of our predecessors is the right diet.

1940's: Dr. W. Sheldon presents in his book "Varieties of Human Physique" his type-division of Ecto-, Endo-, and Mesomorf types.

1950s: Dr. Roger William in his book, "Biochemical Individuality", presents the development of the methods needed to determine the different types of metabolism.

1960s: Dr. George Watson publishes the book "Nutrition And Your Mind," explaining the relationships he has researched with psychological and physical development, between nutrition and incineration.

1960s: Dr. Emanuel Revici published his book "Research In Physiopathology As Basis Of Guided Chemotherapy"

1965: Dr. Henry Bieler first introduces the "Food Is Your Best Medicine" in his book for different glandular types.

1970s: Dr. James D'Adamo presents his concept of "One Man's Food", The D'Adamo Diet, between the blood group and the diet.

1970s: Dr. Kelley was the first person to create the type of nutrition in the mid-1970s that could be practically applied without major problems.

In 1987 Dr. L. Wolcott described in his book The Metabolic Typing Diet that he developed a method for defining metabolic patterns.


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