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The Method

We use a special method that is based on many years of research, a lot of learning and experience. The method - in spite of the fact that there are basic rules for everyone - is quite personal in the diet. This is the most important thing, as you have already experienced that there is no diet that would work the same for everyone.


We are working online exclusively, mainly because of the time efficiency and so our service is available all over the world. We do not have personal meetings, at least, it is not necessary for the Recommendation.


Once you have registered, you will have your own Profile on the website where you can upload your data at any time. You can easily retrieve or modify the data later in these folders. With the Recommendation, you will get your body's unique characteristics, what to avoid, what to eat, the ratios of ingredients in order to reach your best shape.


Prepare yourself that you will eat clean now. There will be no additives, no sugar, no processed food. We will not count or make you count calories. And you will not eat less.


After you receive your Recommendation and your registration comply with our rules and some of the basic technical terms, you will become a member of a secret, happy Facebook group.

Rád szabva Tudatos élet, tudatos táplálkozás

Szeretnéd tudni, hogy a Teszteredményed alapján megkapott típusnak mik a legfőbb jellemzői és hogy hogyan és merre indulj el a diéták útvesztőjéből kivezető úton?

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